Rails frontend for Hemlock

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This Rails project serves as the basic UI for Lab41's Hemlock. The basic webapp uses Devise and CanCan for user authentication to a MySQL backend. The frontend hits a remote ElasticSearch server, as well as the Hemlock-REST API, to deliver search results and display Tenant, System, User, and Role information.


  1. Update the following files (grep FIXME -Ri .) with your specific usernames, passwords, servers, and (optionally) environment configuration:
    • config/application.yml
    • config/database.yml
    • config/deploy.rb
  2. Deploy locally or to a remote server:


hemlock frontend


Hemlock Architecture: hemlock overview


This app was built on top of the RailsApps project rails3-bootstrap-devise-cancan for Rails 3.2.13 and ruby 1.9.3p194 on top of Ubuntu 13.04

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